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General Shoe and Boot Repair

Leather Repair Tools

We repair most types of boots and shoes. In addition to replacing worn heels and soles, we stitch seams, replace eyelets and repair or replace zippers. Most repairs include cleaning and polishing so that your shoes look great when we return them to you.

We use quality Vibram and SoleTech soles and soling products. We also stock a wide range of specialty soling products for special needs.

We get a lot of questions about Ecco brand shoes and boots. Yes – we can repair most of them!


We assess your repair needs when we get your shoes/boots. In some cases we can give you a definite price immediately. In other cases, we will give you our best estimate. Final cost will depend on the original condition of your shoes/boots and materials needed for a quality repair.

Here are the price ranges for some common repairs.

General Repair

Prices are estimates and are subject to change. Final cost will depend on the condition of your items and materials we must use to perform a quality repair.

Repair Price Range (+ shipping)
Heels $20 & up*
Ladies' Dress heels $16
Half-Soles (Women's) $40 & up
Half-Soles (Men's) $45
Full Soles $60 & up*
Stitching $10 & up
Eyelets/Skate Hooks $2.50 each
Boot Zippers

$60 & up

Shine $10/pair
Clean, polish & waterproof $25 & up
Heel Linings $20/pair & up
New Insoles $20/pair & up

* build up extra

We Also Do Uncommon Repairs

When possible we will fix whatever is needed to bring your shoes or boots into comfortable working order. Prices vary according to the time and materials required.

Click here to download and print our: Repair Order Form (.pdf) 

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